6 May 2018: It looks pretty good

Well, clear little course 120 – 130 (Impi and I) ridden yesterday. During the warm up I still have some problems.
1-v120 cm, 2-w130 cm, 23,5m, 3-o122x122x95 cm, 4A-v122 cm, 7,5 m, 4B-o120x120x100 cm, 17,5 m, 5-v120, 6-cr80 cm, 7-o122x122x95 cm.
CAM07_20180505104340 – Impi 120-130
Today both my horses have gone hacking, with me on their backs of course.

30 April 2018: Sunday Storm

Yesterday, late evening we had the storm. Heavy rain and especially many noisy thunders feared horses. In a certain moment, after close and laud thunder part of lights had switched off. Today morning we have found Kyniska is wounded. She has cut pretty much skin on her chest breaking salt cellar in the stall. The wound ought to be sewn and it has been done by a vet doc – Mr Szymczyk, who has come immediately, so I hope she will be all right in few days.
On Saturday I was jumping with Impi. This time we did quite well. Finally six obstacles from 120 to 130 cm were jumped over in sequence (located 5 – 7 strides each from another) without any refusal. The second trial caused one pole down.
So next day – Sunday, almost happy because yesterday small success, we went hacking. I was really surprised when Impi, which had crossed that bridge maybe 20 times, refused to pass it yesterday. We spent there almost half an hour before I convinced her to go forward. She was getting back, trying to turn, bucking and even bronking – once. Sometimes she just stood with her passive resistance. After half an hour she astonished me again changing her mind and crossing the bridge easily. After that incident she was excellent during the ride in the forest.

27 April 2018: Honda Leaves

Well, Honda will leave our stable. She will have spent here six months on 31st May and then she will leave the stable. It’s pity, the horse is nice and has got used to the stable and other horses. The rider – Kornelia and her parents are very likeable people. Unfortunately, the distance, which is necessary to be overcome for almost everyday training, from Opole Lubelskie to the stable, and back is too long and takes too much time. Including training it takes more than three hours. So we will have one vacant place in our livery.
I ride, jump and train. It goes sometimes better, sometimes worse. We are pretty close with Impi to reach the target – the level 120 cm, but still it is not enough well.
Bumer from time to time goes (under me) for hacking. So we canter across surrounding forests slowly. Last Tuesday we did the ride together with Honda under Marta. Honda went calmly and well, but maybe not enough powerful.

18 April 2018: I ride

We train with Impi, doing flat work, jumping, going hacking. Impi is light in hand. It works. Even a one stride (7,5m) double combination 120 – 125 cm we did few times including narrow oxer. I still have some problems with enough quick Impi’s “return into hand” after a higher jump, not to miss the next, close obstacle. We work on this.
Bumer has few days off, because I am too busy to ride two horses.
Stable spring work goes regular way. Dewarming, cleaning paddocks, manure removal, stable washing, vaccination, all is done. In few days I will open summer paddocks and switch on water on paddocks.