22 January 2018: A Bit of Joy

Well, on Sunday I saddled and mounted Impi. She was quiet and stood motionless as she used to do a month earlier. Wow, she hasn’t forgotten her good manners. But I was not surprised much. A day before, on Saturday, I made a chute and she jumped four in/outs and two main obstacles – a vertical and a double bar (7,6 m distance between them) which were growing up to 130 and 120/135 (120 cm wide). It was not bad, but noise made by sliding snow from the roof of the indoor arena made her annoyed and she lost her concentration from time to time. Perhaps it caused she kicked gently a bar of 130 cm vertical and it fell.
My ride was nice, she was obedient, I didn’t feel any pain, so we did all gates including much walk and after 40 minutes I got off safely. It was also the result of the regular work with her (on a rope) in meantime. The first ride after a month break caused by my injury was done. On Tuesday I will repeat it and I also will tack Bumer.

15 January 2018: After the Injury

Well, no pain, no uncommon limits in the leg movement. It looks okay. I have thought I would not mount a horse before my trip to Chile. Now, it seems to me it is possible to get on a saddle and try both horses Impi and Bumer in a week or two.
Nothing special has occurred during last week. It’s cold, ground is frozen and we have lack of snow, but horses are on the paddocks till darkness everyday. Neither disease nor injury happened in the stable, so all goes regular way. The riders mount their horses oftener than during Christmas Time and only my steeds are untacked all the time. Impi works on the rope having flatwork and schooling over poles and both, including Bumer, are in the exerciser two  hours daily, twice a day. The next chute for Impi will be on next Saturday (the previous one was more than a week ago). We will try free jumps a little bit higher than the last time.

7 January 2018: Another Week Later

The pain of the groin is over. The bruise, which finally had reached from the groin to the ankle, almost has disappeared. Only range of move of my right leg is not the same as it was before the injury, but I may walk easily. The treatment has worked, warming up the leg by a sollux lamp, rubbing arnica ointment and laser therapy has brought good result. But it is still too early for horse riding.

Impi works every day on the rope. Of course I run lunging with using side reins making them shorter and shorter during schooling. Besides the first day, when Impi was a bit spooky and it took time to get to the real work, she walks, trots and canters proper way. Transitions are well done on both sides and she mostly works listening to my voice orders. Yesterday I prepared for her combination to jump in the corridor. Starting from poles lying on the ground up to final combination completed of four jump in/off obstacles (cross rails – 80 cm and a vertical – 90 cm – distance 3 m between them) to a vertical 125 cm after 7.2 m, and after another 7.5 m a double bar 125 cm – 130 cm (the first and the second pole), 120 cm wide. Impi jumped clearly, eagerly and easily, without any hesitation and chewing her bit with such impeccable technique. Wow, if she does that having me on her back I would be very happy. Two poor quality photographs from the monitoring system are in the Impi’s gallery.

30 December 2017: A week later

The pain is not so strong and only if I move my right leg improper way. The bruise spread out from the groin to below the knee and moved from the inside part of the tight to its bottom side. Its color is getting change. I may walk easily, but the range of move and the length of stride are limited. Yesterday visited doctor said: in two – three weeks the bruise will disappear, in a month I should be okay, and if, that will be time for larger physical physiotherapy. But horse riding not earlier than after six weeks. Well, not bad, just for the excursion. Now, warming up and oiling the injured place, laser treatment and isometric exercises – tense tendon, no other medicines.
Since Tuesday I will start trainings with Impi, but run from the floor. The poor “lady” has her oat dose cut about 50%, but she’s got time to rest a bit.
Bumer’s tendon looks well in USG examination and he could start little work under a saddle, but instead of that he walks in the exerciser one hour twice a day as well as Impi. All horses used to spend time on paddocks since 8 am till 4 pm, except time for walk in the exerciser and one hour lunch time break (starting at 1 pm) in their stalls.
Holidays traffic in the stable got smaller. Angelika has gone home, Karolina comes more seldom and only Kornelia trains as usually – every day.