2 November 2018: That’s it

On 30th Nov. 2018, the livery in MagRad stable will be closed.
That’s pity. Good horses, nice owners created wonderful atmosphere, but there are not any worker to support our activity.
My own horses will remain in the stable with my care.

30 October 2018: The Workful Days

I have returned to regular riding, unfortunately, not on Bumer. There are still not enough time. Bumer started to lame today morning at that. Yesterday he made some crazy gallops on paddock (20 years old horse) and shifted a horseshoe. The result – right rear leg up, vet doc in (the stable) and a treatment implemented. That is the next few days perspective. On Sunday the doc will visit us again.
Impi works under saddle five days a week. I even jumped with her on last Friday. It was low, just 1 meter verticals and oxers, but correctly. Perhaps I shall do another jumping training tomorrow if I have enough time to construct some obstacles.

21 October 2018: An Autumn Work Camp

Well, since the beginning of October the groom strictly limited his work time in the stable, having a new – better for him – job. He left quickly, too quickly, but did it fair and still he comes 2 – 3 days in a week to help me. Mucking the stable, horse riding, lectures at the university, an investment works in the stables and some unpleasant surprises took all my time.
Fortunately, since today it’s better. An automatic horse feeding system has started, decreasing time required for service in the stable. All investment works done during these two years have decreased time for stable work by more than 1.5 hour daily.
In any case I will not go for the planned journey to Iran until I find a new groom. Now it is time to come back to regular, everyday horse riding.

2 October 2018: Changes in the Stable

I jumped on Wednesday, but it was not good. All single jumps on the level 130 cm and 120 cm were well done, but not combinations. She didn’t want to enter in the combination 120 cm. On the last Saturday I decided not to make jumping trainings for next two weeks at least. Other rides, flatwork we do as well as rides to the forest.
Bumer used to go hacking and he does it three times a week, cantering with eagerness of much younger horse.
But it is also time of some changes in the stable. Water curtains to cool horses (if they want) during hot summer on the paddocks are the first change. In few days the next four feeders will be assembled and rubber mats wait in the bar to be laid down on the stall floors. We still continue using shavings as litter for all six horses.
Of course some preparations for winter are also done. The manure is exported, almost all supply is done. We only wait for carrots, which will be delivered in the end of October. The deworming procedure and vaccination will be done in the first half of October.