24 November 2018: Morning Jumping

Time goes by and we do everyday training – flatwork, over poles and once a week jumping training what probably makes Impi much more dynamic. If the weather is bearable then on Sunday we used to go hacking. Last week-end we didn’t do that, but it seems tomorrow we will go to the forest.
Bumer was working under a saddle yesterday and before yesterday. Today he has a day off and I shall also go to the forest on him.
Today morning Impi has been jumping. I have constructed 120 cm oxer pretty wide – 125 cm and verticals, among of them the two verticals combination and the wall 130 cm as usually. All has been done clearly and reliably, except the first attempt over the combination. Impi has been so surprised seeing two obstacles in front of her that she’s stopped and refused to jump.

18 November 2018: A week after

Finally, I may ride, jump and do my things independently and easily. Trainings on Impi are regular. Once a week I have jumping session, four times flatwork and sometimes over poles riding. If weather allows I go hacking. Today not, so this Sunday Impi has a day off.
Yesterday we did jumping training 120 – 130 cm, without setting up any combinations of obstacles, and it was okay. Impi was sure in the jump even over the 120 cm high and 120 cm wide oxer though our locus of leap was 2.3 m before the obstacle and we landed 2.1 m behind it. Sometimes we were a bit too fast so one rail of 120 cm vertical fell.
Bumer is much better. Probably in the next week I shall take him back under a saddle. Morning handling means turning horses to exerciser and on paddocks, mucking stalls, loading haynets, and feeders if necessary (usually once in three – four days). For two horses it takes less than an hour. Then I have time to ride. Except the above morning care, I need twice five minutes to give them concentrates (hay is in nets also in paddock sheds) on paddocks and turn them back from paddocks on sunset. And it is easy to replace me what my wife sometimes does. Feeding horses on paddock will be automated next spring, so it’ll be one action less.

7 November 2018: The Last One Departed

Yesterday three horses (Ersword, Kyniska and Amarant) left the livery and today the last one – Sokol – has left us either. It means the livery stable is already closed.

2 November 2018: That’s it

On 30th Nov. 2018, the livery in MagRad stable will be closed.
That’s pity. Good horses, nice owners created wonderful atmosphere, but there are not any worker to support our activity.
My own horses will remain in the stable with my care.