12 September 2018: A Bit Up

Today, as usually on Wednesday, Impi and I have been jumping. There have been few tasks constructed. Usual line, this time 21.5 m – 5 strides from 120 cm vertical to 120 cm oxer (105 wide). The second task has been unmeasured distance from 130 cm wall to 120 cm vertical and opposite way. The last one it’s been the ride from 130 cm vertical to 130 cm oxer (110 cm wide) with 7 strides and 90 degrees turn. During warm up it has happened to have one refusal before 120 cm vertical and on the same obstacle while riding 5 strides to the oxer Impi has kicked lightly the top pole. We have had no more mistakes and all has been done clearly, including 130 cm obstacles.
On Tuesday Impi had regular flatwork and Bumer was in the forest. Bumer wasn’t powerful that time. We did twice short canters and one longer 1,100 m gallop. Bumer accelerated himself up to 500 and I didn’t push him stronger.

9 September 2018: That is what I really like

Today the weather is cold and nice. It prompted me to go hacking. As usually Impi was the first one. Over two hours ride was a very nice one. She cantered easily, with eagerness but in the same time she was very light in hand and very calm. Bumer had shorter ride a bit over an hour and half. There was no surprise. Bumer was very quiet, light in hand as usually and willing to canter at that. Today four hours in a saddle and in forest was a really pleasant start to Sunday.
Except flat work done in other days, on Wednesday and yesterday – Saturday I trained jumping as usually. There was a line from 125 cm high vertical to 125 cm high oxer (110 cm wide) distant 17,5 m on Wednesday and the other task from 115 cm vertical to 115 cm oxer with 90 degrees turn done in seven strides. I had problems in the line. Too big jump over the vertical and too fast canter to the oxer caused a refusal. The second trial, too close to the vertical and a pole fell, but steady canter and clear jump over the oxer. There wasn’t any trouble with the second task, which was done clearly in the first attempt.
Saturday training was more difficult. I constructed a three obstacles combination on the 120 cm level each. There was one stride (7.5 m) between the A vertical to the B oxer and two strides (10.5 m) to the C vertical. Except the above one, a line from the 130 cm vertical to the 125 cm (110 cm wide) oxer (the distance 14 m) was the task. In this task I had nice jumps over the 130 cm vertical. Once I omitted the oxer, after too big jump over the vertical and the second attempt was pretty good. Unfortunately, I pushed Impi a little bit before the oxer and she lightly kicked the first pole which has fallen. The combination created more problems for me. The 130 cm vertical disturbed me for sake of its location. Impi turning to the combination tried to attack the 130 cm vertical. I did about 5 – 6 attempts until I jumped the A vertical. And even in that moment I omitted the B oxer. Finally we did well.

2 September 2018: Impi Excited

Yesterday we did jumping training as usually on Saturday. A three obstacle combination and straight line were accompanied with the wall 130 cm and a cross rails to warm up. The line was from 115 cm vertical to 120 cm oxer (105 cm wide), distant 14 m – 3 strides. The combination, it was 115 cm vertical, 7.5 m, 115 cm oxer (95 cm wide) and 10.5 m to 115 cm vertical. Impi jumped well, but I made three errors. The first one it was contraction of the obstacles. Part of the oxer in the combination remained on the way out after the wall. Impi was afraid to jump the wall seeing another obstacle partly blocking the way out. The second trial from the other side of the wall was okay and we did a clear, good jump. The third trial from the difficult side Imi jumped, but she was turning during jump and kicked few top elements. Other two mistakes it was not proper entering to the line what caused the outgoing from the inside of the line and similar situation in the combination, where we get out after the first vertical entering at a wrong angle. But after those errors at the beginning other jumps were well done both in the line and the combination. I didn’t rebuild the wall, so not trying it again.
Today both horses have gone hacking. Impi has gone earlier at the morning for two hours ride. She’s been glad doing that and excited. Walking obediently and trotting well in the same time has liked to pull cantering. So we have done few kilometers of nice gallops, but sometimes I have had to hold her. Bumer, of course, has been wonderful in his 1.5 hour ride, though he has not had so much power as it was few days ago. Perhaps it has taken place for sake of the day, which is warmer than on Tuesday.

29 August 2018: The Wonderful Hacking

I was in the forest with my horses. On Monday I was on both of them and yesterday only on Bumer. The very good weather caused good feeling of the horses and mine too. Impi didn’t try any tricks and went quietly, but dynamically in all paces. I kept her short so the speed was not higher than 500 meters per minute. Bumer “got a new life” and wanted to be much faster than I allowed him on Monday. But yesterday I let him go as he wanted so the last 1,500 m of gallop he did his own speed, about 700 m/min. It was incredible that 20 years old horse had enough power and will to go such a distance with this speed. I was little afraid how would he feel the next day, but today he is okay and looks happy.
Today we have also had jumping training on Impi. We did not bad, but I am not very glad of the final result. Two refusals before an oxer, which has been 120 cm high and 105 cm wide, and a fallen rail in it has been poor result for me even if we’ve had a clear and good jump. Besides, a top element of the wall (130 cm) has been kicked in one trial. Other jumps over verticals 115, 125 and the oxer 120, and the wall 130 cm have been well done.