18 March 2019: The Return

27 days of lonly traveling in Iran. The great adventure and yesterday late evening I came back home.
Today long it was time of making whole my stuff tidy and updating and arranging things which were left undone when I was off. Horses in Iran, I had seen few of them.
Beneath you may find an example from Tabriz.

More info in FB when foto – report will be developed.

24 January 2019: Winter Stillness

It’s the first winter when we have such silence in the stable. Bumer and Impi start early morning from exerciser, he is turned on his paddock afterwards, she is mounted and we train. Bumer works under saddle twice a week, Impi six days a week. Except our mutual work they are on their paddocks since dawn to sunset.
I don’t ride out of the stable yard. No snow, hard roads, rather cold, so it’s the only indoor arena left. Bumer is almost 21 years old, so nothing is required from him, but I work hardly with Impi. It is flat work mostly and sometimes over poles. We’ve got back to lightness in hand and her self carrying. There will not be any jumping till my departure, then a month off the training for her and a saddle at all. I work with her myself, trying to be sensitive to her movement and feel her better and better. I see much positive results, but still we need long time to warm-up. The final parts of our today ride are below.

6 January 2019: Back to the Daily Routine

The short holidays in Portugal are finished, so it’s time to go back to work and take over the responsibilities, hoping that the next trip to Iran starts soon.
Visiting the Pena Palace I found palace stables. They are not very impressive. Few photographs you may find in the gallery.
My horses were under a very good care and survived very well making no troubles to anybody themselves including.
This morning Impi has been working under a saddle after a ten day pause, initiating our horse riding season 2019. She was very nice, light in hands and eager to work. Perhaps she was bored during days off. Bumer probably too, he made some gallops on paddock and was backing and bronking. 21 year old horse still wants working.

23 December 2018: The last Ride in this Year

Winter’s gone, no winter’s started, the snow gone, rather melted. However I wasn’t keen on hacking on Bumer. The horses spent on paddocks everyday long time. Bumer was seldom under a saddle during last two weeks, but Impi worked 5 – 6 days weekly. The last jumping, a week ago, wasn’t successful. Good jumping over verticals 120 cm, of course over the wall 130 cm, and also few well done passes over the combination (7.5 m – one stride inside), but only 110 cm high both obstacles (the oxer – 105 cm wide and the vertical). And there was a fail over a single oxer 120 cm high and 120 cm wide.
The other rides were a flatwork including today training the last ride in this year. Time to complete Christmas preparations and among of them all what is necessary for a trip. Iranian visa is still missing so Portugal will be first. Fortunately I do not need Portuguese visa.