18 April 2018: I ride

We train with Impi, doing flat work, jumping, going hacking. Impi is light in hand. It works. Even a one stride (7,5m) double combination 120 – 125 cm we did few times including narrow oxer. I still have some problems with enough quick Impi’s “return into hand” after a higher jump, not to miss the next, close obstacle. We work on this.
Bumer has few days off, because I am too busy to ride two horses.
Stable spring work goes regular way. Dewarming, cleaning paddocks, manure removal, stable washing, vaccination, all is done. In few days I will open summer paddocks and switch on water on paddocks.

8 April 2018: Week End

Today we have excellent weather and sunny day. Both my horses have gone hacking, of course under me. Bumer, as usually, has been very obedient and calm. Neither boar crossing our road, nor dears on the way could scare him or even change the rhythm of his canter. Spring “has charged his batteries” and he has looked like younger than he is.
Impi have had a long break in visiting surrounding forests. She has been excited, but very obedient and light in hand, crossing all ditches and difficult places without hesitation. Each ride has lasted almost two hours.
Yesterday I was jumping with Impi. The obstacles were 110 cm up to 120 cm high, except the cross rail – 80 cm to warm up. Finally we did three times one stride (7,5m) combination 110 cm – once a vertical to a vertical and twice 120 cm a vertical to the wall. I was really surprised Impi didn’t even think to refuse a jump in the combinations. Maybe something has been changed and we do it better way. We will see the trend in a week.
Other riders ride almost every day. Pretty often they go hacking and sometimes they jump.
Tonight it is time of deworming horses and in a week they will have influenza vaccination. Paddocks are almost cleaned. Manure is partially exported. Automatic watering of the indoor arena is switched on. So spring has come and will stay with us till summer time.

1 April 2018: Holidays

It’s raining since the last evening. Horses are walking in the exerciser. The Great Sunday, nobody rides. I jumped with Impi, yesterday and a week ego – the first time after a 1.5 month break. First, it was 95 cm, yesterday 110 – 120 cm. She works nicely, looks happy bucking after some jumps (up till now I stayed in a saddle), and does not kick, even touch any bar. But as usually she tries to bypass an obstacle and sometimes she does it. She trains under a saddle five days a week and among of them one is a jumping training. I shall see in a week if it works really better than before the pause. Next Saturday we will have combinations.
Bumer walks under a saddle rarely. No weather to go hacking, so we used to wander around indoor or outdoor arenas. He is still eager to work, to trot, to canter, but I feel his age. I wish we will never go as fast as it was 10 or even 5 years ago. Those wonderful, 2 – 3 km long and fast – over 800 m per minute – gallops were impressive. I still remember wind in my hair, his dispelled mane, smell of his sweaty horse body, and hoofbeats playing so beautiful music of gallop. I miss it. I still remember his calm, fearless behaving in a forest, among trees, among other horses or other animals. I remember our mutual lonely night rides, the gallops in moonlight and races with others, and rides with torches. That has been passed at least for him … perhaps.

18 March 2018: After the Return

A week ago I have returned from Chile. Several photographs of my trail in Chilean Andes you may find in the gallery.
Impi had a month break under saddle. Yesterday I mounted on her first time, after four days of lunge. Today I get on again. Rather light trainings, but she works nice. She has been quiet, by dynamic, not bored by riding and having this heavy stuff on her back as I am. First day of lunge was not so good. She had so much energy that she had to canter longer. It occurred again when on Thursday she worked in the outdoor arena. She is light in hand, easily makes transition stop – canter, so it looks pretty well. In a week we will start little jumping and then it will be seen how it really is.
Bumer had lunge twice, but because of lack of time I didn’t mount on him. It’s cold again and I will not go hacking for next few days, but he is ready to start working step by step.