15 February 2018: Bye, bye

Voy a Chile

9 February 2018: The Calm

All goes right way. Some people ride, some have gone for holidays and be back in few days. Horses are quiet, even Kyniska the new one, and don’t trouble us. I have been decreasing number and intensity of rides on Impi. Yesterday there was a visit of even two farriers. Kyniska also had her own one on last Saturday, so all horses are well cared. Some snow still covers paddocks and happy horses could wallow, what they eagerly did.

2 February 2018: Kyniska – the Spartan Princess

She arrived to our stable yesterday. A little bit nervous, get out the trailer and walked to her new stall. Several minutes later was turned to the paddock. Quickly calmed down and returned to the stable together with other horses. She is friendly for people, rather small one – only 148 cm high. Tomorrow she will work in the exerciser the very first time. Kyniska belongs to Karolina Klementowska. Hmm, formally the owner, of this 13 years old mare, is Karolina’s father.

29 January 2018: Simply Rides

I ride regularly on Impi and on Bumer. We do all gates, transitions, schooling over poles and even jumping (only Impi). These jumps were only over a 70 cm cross rails and only few times, just to get an orientation if I feel any pain or not. Fortunately, there was no pain. All rides were on the indoor arena. Nothing special occurred. The ferrier should pay us the visit soon. I must call to Krzysztof when the new horse will have arrived.