15 July 2018: Jumping but not Hacking

Short, one and half week, break and Impi came back to jumping. On Wednesday we jumped single obstacles: 120 cm – verticals and 110 cm oxers (110 cm wide). Additionally, there were the wall – 125 cm high and something to warm up. That was okay, but not perfect. Yesterday, on Saturday I constructed also single obstacles: a vertical 125 cm, an oxer 115 cm (120 cm wide) and a triple bar 80x95x110 cm high and 160 cm wide. Additionally, there were a vertical 115 cm to warm up and a cross rails. I had some problems (three refusals and one dismounting 110 m vertical) during warm up, but later on it was going okay. Several clear jumps, few over each obstacle without any hesitation. And only last two jumps over the wall and 125 cm vertical caused fall down of the top element and a pole. Generally, all was right, but there were neither combinations nor lines to jump.
Today, as usually, Impi has to go hacking, but it is raining all the time. So, neither Impi nor Bumer have gone to the forest. Instead we have done short rides in the indoor arena.

10 July 2018: The Relax in the Forest

Last week was an easy and peaceful time. There was neither jumping nor other hard work for horses. Impi spent Sunday morning in the forest. Two hours of nice ride, using all paces was a good relax for both of us. Bumer stayed home, I found it was too warm for him on Sunday, particularly Impi went early morning and he had to be the next one when the temperature much rose. But Bumer went hacking on Tuesday and was under a saddle either on Friday. His work is limited to maximum three days weekly. Perhaps he will work more when autumn comes and it will be colder, but it will depend on his condition. Today the farrier will visit our stable, so Impi and Bumer will have got new shoes. All rides will be delayed till afternoon.

3 July 2018: The Changes

Yesterday Wendy left the stable. She went on foot to Fidelius. In a month the new horse will have taken her stall. The contract is signed. In any case one place is vacant in our livery.
On Sunday I had two excellent rides to the forest. The first one was on Impi. She went easily without hesitation. Besides she was powerful in gallop and jumps all what we could find in the way. It gave real pleasure. Especially she has become easy to control. We did few canters and nice long (2.7 km) gallop with many turns. The second one was Bumer. Low Sunday temperature and wind had made his good feeling. He was very eager and I allowed him to go faster than usually. So, he did it and we had fun as it was years ago.
On Saturday Impi (and I) was jumping. I constructed few obstacles to train combination for two strides and bow line for four strides from a vertical to an oxer. That was great fail. Two oxers were 125 cm high. One (the end of bow line) was 125 cm wide and the second one (entrance to the combination) was 115 wide. None had been jumped over in this size. All other obstacles (verticals and the wall) 125 cm we did well, but oxers were too big for her. Well, five centimeters more made a big difference and we had got back. In that case next week end will be free of jumping.
Impi is already neither coughing nor even grunting. I wonder if it is the result of medical treatment or thanks to change hay. Since last Friday our horses have been eating this year hay. The last delivery was on 10th June, so it should be used too early.

24 June 2018: Sunday on hacking

We have excellent weather today. 15 – 17 C degrees gives a chance to go to the forest on horseback. So I have done it on Impi. She has surprised me going, after a month break, without any hesitation out of the stable yard. We’ve crossed the bridge out of the village, all ditches in the forest, made two canters over two kilometers each and some long trots. Finally, we have come back home safely. Next I have tacked Bumer and after five minutes being out of the yard we have come back – it’s started to rain. We have finished our ride in the indoor arena.
Yesterday I was jumping with Impi. It was enough cold to decide to jump the whole par course. I constructed 10 obstacles (11 efforts). The verticals 125 cm, the oxers 120 cm (120 cm wide – the individual, and 100 cm wide in the combination), the wall was decreased to 125 cm. One combination (7.5 m, single stride from the vertical to the oxer) and directly 17.5 m line to the vertical. Besides of the above there was bow line (21.5 m) from the vertical to the wide oxer. This one made the biggest problem during warm up. Under very obstacle were kind of fence, pool or traffic cones. Finally we did the round having two bars down, but we did. The short movies below (view from both CCTV cameras) show the ride.
CAM07_20180623105325_Impi parkur 120-125
CAM08_20180623105325_Impi parkur 120-125