Long Time, No See

Almost half a year passed since I upgraded the website. Most information is published on FB. However, I didn’t write about a few other works.
The pandemic suspended my traveling activity. There won’t be any abroad journey (of mine) this year probably. I have some plans for the next year, but … who knows, what’s gonna happen. Free time I used for some little investments. Perhaps it’s better to call those activities renewing of some parts of the property.
The first of all, all broken paddocks’ fence posts were replaced. Imperia bored sometimes during winter days. Not even the electric fence stopped her, when she was trying to reach a grass blade with better taste. Then every paddock shelter for horses (they were sunburned) was painted. We did some cleaning of row of garden lamps, where clever ants had constructed their anthills. They are really ingenious creatures building their own “apartments” inside of lamps. First, they were drilling through the concrete fundamentals of the lamps, then climbing the wires and cables transported required building material. Of course, they had made a short circuit finally. So, the brought soil was removed, the fundamentals were sealed and waterproof electric boxes have been installed. The leaking roof over the manure stock was also replaced. The dirty front part of the house facade was renewed and painted. Some strong rains (it was really raining cats and dogs sometimes) almost caused floods in the main stable. It had persuaded me the better drainage was a need. So it was rebuilt too. The gardening company (“Ogrody Pawła”) has coped with all the work very well and in time.
My everyday horse riding is continued. The working horse is Impi. Bumer is retired and hasn’t been recalled from his retirement.