Living in the Lockdown

The virus stopped most of outside activities. In fact, it is the only once a week shopping left. Fortunately it’s possible to do many important and useful things in the stable and at home. It supports physical activity and takes away excess time. Though I work on-line with college students, read much more than usually and communicate with friends by internet it is sitting sort of work. So the stable and horses are giving the breath. I appreciate it very much. Everyday the horses are from almost dawn to dusk in their paddocks, except time spent in the exerciser or under a saddle. Bumer “celebrated” its 22nd birthday on 25th March and since that date is retired, which means he will be no more mounted. Impi had 3 weeks off. She was prepared for the holiday, because of my travel to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The quantity of her food was descent and last days before holidays she was working less and less. Though my trip left undone, she spent three weeks without a saddle, but the last week we trained from the ground. Since yesterday Impi works under a saddle. I don’t think we will jump soon, but regular riding will be run. It’s pity I can’t go hacking. I miss those wonderful, long forest rides.
However, the stable timetable is not changed. I start a little bit before 7 am, so horses go to the exerciser punctually at 7 for an hour and in that time I muck the stalls. Then there is preparation to ride and ride. At dusk I turn back horses to the stable and at 10 pm I just make fast and short cleaning of stalls before the night.
Last Sunday I switched on watering of the arenas, the exerciser track and water supply for the paddocks. On Tuesday the horses got deworming pasta and they will be vaccinated next Tuesday.
It’s dry, that’s bad, only good in this is high production of electrical energy from our photovoltaic micro power plant.