The End of the Year in the Stable

29th Dec. 2019, morning. 3 days to the end of the year. It is time to summarize the passed period, hoping nothing bad will happen during next three days. The horses have had days off since 22nd Dec. The next saddling is predicted on 02nd January 2020.
My abroad travels caused my horses have had 1.5 month off during this year, so they should not be tired after the riding season.
First of all there were neither serious injuries nor horse diseases, though I had a horse – car crash, being on Impi on hacking. The car front, which pushed us from the back, was pretty much damaged and Impi fortunately had only lightly abrasion wound of hock. She also had abrasion under the girth after I had saddled her ignoring the visible insect bite. It excluded her from saddling for almost ten days. Bumer was laming once after our outgoing on hacking when I had allowed him to go his own, too high, speed. It took him 4 days to recover, so nothing serious occurred. But we rode slower and slower this year, so at the beginning of the next one he will be retired. On 25th March 2020 he will have been 22 years old. He serves me very well for 17 years and now will be in my care till the end of his, I hope, long life.
Impi took part in a two day competition only once this year. We did not bad, but nothing special, just finished three courses in the mid of the rank. Pretty often we rode in the forest, galloping slower, faster and jumping what we found to jump and she was easy to control.
At home we did two courses on the level over 125 cm during trainings. And it was my small this year success. Though none of the course was run clearly. The first one, there were four errors – one jump refusal and three bars were down. The second time was the only one error, but it was a jump refusal. The lower ridden courses were done clearly.
And perhaps the most important thing – I have not fallen off the horse this year. Ha, ha, ha!!! It happened the very first time in my riding career!