After a Break

Well, pretty long time I did not write anything. Frankly speaking there is nothing to describe. We make trainings as usually with Impi. She works very well. A flatwork is almost perfectly, she walks light in hands, more engaging her rump. Jumping trainings we did when it was not so hot. Last time it was on Saturday. Several jumps over verticals, oxers and triple bar, including two obstacles’ combination were done clearly. Maybe a little bit too fast. But all was on the level 110 cm and the wall 130 cm – also jumped clearly. Few times we went hacking. We did it when it was colder and few flies, so rides in forest were really nice. Imperia is much more calm than a year or two ago and also becomes light in hand even in longer gallops. Well, our mutual rides are really very pleasant.
Bumer didn’t work under a saddle since the mid of May. And I shall not mount him until it’s colder. Of course, my both horses used to work in an exerciser, having one hour walk every morning.
Bumer and Impi have got a new grass on their paddocks and they surely like it much more than previous ones.
Actually, much more new are on FB.