the Swelter

It’s horror. The temperature reaches 30 C degrees. The horses remain on the paddocks all days, mostly spending time in their shady shelters. Except that, they have everyday one hour walk in the exerciser.
I am tired, Impi is tired. I give up jumping and do only light rides early morning, no more than 5 times a week. Bumer does not go for hacking. In fact he hasn’t been saddled for three weeks.
Everyday mucking of stable easily makes me sweaty.
I was to go for a competition last weekend, but I resigned.
Even cats used to sleep on the terrace in shade all the day. So I read books one by one and once we have taken some photos using my friend’s drone.
Everything and everyone is motionless. It lasts almost two weeks. It’s horror.

Bumer on the paddoks

A little riding centre seen from the sky