Three Years

So long I didn’t participated in any competition. This year I decided to return on parkours. It seemed that Impi also was ready. Last weekend we tried and it wasn’t bad. The first day, Saturday, I rode 110 cm round and we were little nervous. I did a mistake and we passed sideway one of the obstacles. Unfortunately, one of poles from the other obstacle also fell. So we finished on the 10th rank place. The next day was much better. Sunday we started with 100 cm round, done clearly in both, two phases. We were 5th in the ranking. Next was 110 cm course and it also was a good ride finished on 5th place though Impi kicked one bar of the second vertical and it fell. This, what makes difference is Impi very light in hands and much easier to lead than it was time ago. I think we will try again in a month.

There will be some photographs I think perhaps, but they are not in my disposal up till now.