Today Jumping

Well, my confidence at the beginning of the today jumping has been on pretty low level. In any case I have constructed higher obstacles than I had planned. It’s been like a temptation. I have left 130 cm wall, built 130 cm vertical and only an oxer has been lower 120 cm (110 cm wide). Except above there have been a 120 cm vertical and a cross rails to warm up. Lack of combinations and only long line has caused the level of difficultness has been much lower than a week ago. So in fact, I have had none problem. All lonely standing obstacles have been jumped correctly and clearly though we’ve approached too much to the oxer and we’ve done too long jump over the 130 cm vertical what has created 7 strides ride to the wall and a diagonal jump. The training has been very short, completed of only 11 jumps, including four ones over the crossed rails. The result is positive – my confidence has grown a little bit. I hope Impi is also more confident after today jumping.
By the way, last time I forgot to write I had successfully jumped also on Thursday, but only twice over the 110 cm log of wood in the outdoor arena.
On Thursday CAM10_20180920101500_15693107
On Saturday CAM07_20180922100105_15977809 i CAM07_20180922100200_16011973