On the Ground

That was a bad day. It was Saturday.  I constructed the three obstacle combinations on the 125 cm level and a line from the 120 cm vertical for 5 strides (and turn) to the 130 cm oxer (110 cm wide). Additionally there was built the line 130 cm vertical to the 130 cm wall and possible to be ridden opposite way. Nothing was going right way, though the beginning of the training was the worst. Impi was a little bit nervous, but it was nothing special. Warm up was normal, but later … A refusal before 130 cm vertical didn’t make my humor bad. But it was only initiation of the problems. Quickly there were other refusals. No jumping the line the vertical – the wall (14 m – 3 strides), no entering into the combination. Repetition some single obstacles okay, but any we couldn’t jump any sequence of obstacles. I tried line with a turn to the oxer. First attempt the vertical okay and regular turn, but refusal before the oxer. So I decided to ride a bit different way giving her more space and distance to the oxer after the turn. I jumped the vertical diagonally and took the distance for six strides. So I did, but Impi rising to the jump suddenly went sideward. I lost balance, hit the stands and scared Impi accelerated. Centrifugal force threw me out on the fence of the arena after few strides. Not nice experience. My next two days feeling and humor was fatal, but fortunately nothing serious occurred, except two day break in riding.