A Bit of Joy

Well, on Sunday I saddled and mounted Impi. She was quiet and stood motionless as she used to do a month earlier. Wow, she hasn’t forgotten her good manners. But I was not surprised much. A day before, on Saturday, I made a chute and she jumped four in/outs and two main obstacles – a vertical and a double bar (7,6 m distance between them) which were growing up to 130 and 120/135 (120 cm wide). It was not bad, but noise made by sliding snow from the roof of the indoor arena made her annoyed and she lost her concentration from time to time. Perhaps it caused she kicked gently a bar of 130 cm vertical and it fell.
My ride was nice, she was obedient, I didn’t feel any pain, so we did all gates including much walk and after 40 minutes I got off safely. It was also the result of the regular work with her (on a rope) in meantime. The first ride after a month break caused by my injury was done. On Tuesday I will repeat it and I also will tack Bumer.