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Dear Guests,

On 30th Nov. 2018 the livery in MagRad stable will be closed


MagRad Stable, located in the beautiful neighborhood of Kozlowiecki Landscape Park, offers livery for guests interested in accommodation of their four legs favorites in nice and elegant place.

MagRad is a small riding centre with six large stalls for horses in two stables.

High standard of equipment gives you comfort and many possibilities to improve riding skills both for sport and amateur riders. There are two arenas (outdoor and indoor, both with sand surface and automatic watering), and full set of jumping obstacles, including a wall, and a natural wood log.

MagRad riding centre is affiliated in Lublin Region Sport Riding Club.

Proximity of Kozlowiecki Forest, its excellent and varied terrains, forest and field paths excellent for memorable gallops – let us have fun in recreational riding on the various levels also outside of the riding centre. That wonderful environment gives us possibility for walking on the horse back, what is a good mental rest for your sport horses. Extent forests do not let us be bored of repeated trails.

Eight paddocks for horses on the over 1,5 hectare meadow allow to host both mares, geldings and stallions without limiting them in staying on paddocks. There are shelters on paddocks to allow horses to protect themselves from wind, rain or sun. Horses may walk on paddocks together separately to avoid risk of his/her horse injury in contact with other horses.

Internal monitoring system allows both the stable owner as guests having horses in the centre to observe horses in stalls, on paddocks as well as in arenas independently wherever the observer stays – but he/she has to have internet access. It increases radically the safe of horses and riders. The recorded material lets replay it, if necessary.

Smoking is not allowed in the centre at all.

Offered conditions let you spend your time in peace and silence, with your horse individually or in small group of local riders, also during mutual trail rides.

Short distance to Lublin City (20 km) and lack of traffic jams means convenient driving by car or by bus.

Dear Guests, I invite you to look into our websites more exactly, check our offer and particularly look into gallery and simply visit our riding centre.

I hope the conditions offered to riders and their favorites by our riding centre will be recognized as at least satisfying you.


Best regards

Radosław Marciniak